Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fabric Design & Print Exchange for Sewers and Quilters

Fabric Design & Print Exchange for Sewers and Quilters is an upcoming class you can find in the brand new Spring Catalog. Taught by Nora Renick Rinehart, you can learn the basics of designing and printing your own repeat pattern fabric!

Last year, I helped Nora out with this class and her amazing students produced these lovely, professional looking fat quarters by the end of the class. Everyone got to take home one of each person's yardage. They made some amazing work!

  Using exactly the same techniques, Nora and I designed and printed these teatowels we sold at the Lillstreet Holiday Fair this past year. It all breaks down to the same basic setup. With your fabric pinned to the table, you can measure out your repeat and use the t-square to place your screen in just the right spot each time. With patience, careful measurements, and the loving help of the handy dandy t-square, we were able to print these dense, satisfying patterns and get them lined up beautifully!

This all may seem intimidating, but these teatowels really are the results of the same basic skills you can learn in this class. The only difference is time, patience, and lots of and lots of practice. Just over a year ago, I had never printed on fabric in my life. Lillstreet and especially Nora have taught me these amazing technical skills, I'm so excited to see them passed on to new students!

If you've always wanted to learn what it takes to print your own fabric for sewing and quilting, this is your chance! No previous screenprinting experience required. Further details and class registration can be found here.